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The Waterproof Dog Leashes
- Aug 28, 2018 -

To keep up with current trends, we have developed a waterproof series of dog leashes.

The waterproof dog threads are made of PVC Coated Webbing (polyester and soft plastic).

The material is known for its durability and outstanding water-resistant properties.

Another  advantage of PVC is that it does not absorb water, dirt and it is 100% odor free.


It is convenient for you and your pet in everyday life and very easy to clean, since you can wash it under running water.

dog leash.png

Also, the waterproof halter does not get stuck when your dog is pulling.

Try and feel the lightness and ease of the dog leash with PVC coating.

This waterproof dog leash is available in black, blue,  green, orange,  pink and any other Pantone colors.

The PVC-coated leash is supplied with a nickle plating hook, which is durable and resistant against rust.

It measures 4 to 6 feet long, so you can keep a comfortable distance between you and your pet in  daily walks.

Please review the information below to choose the correct size.

 Measurements in inches