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Knowledge Of Coated Webbing
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Speaking of coated webbing, you might want to know what coated webbing is, what the features are and how it is used.

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 1.   What is Coated Webbing?

Generally known as coated webbing, you can also call it plastic coated webbing, polymer coated webbing, polyurethane coated webbing, urethane coated webbing, PVC plastic coated webbing, TPE coated webbing, TPU flame retardant, etc.

2.   The Feature of Coated Webbing


1) Made of thick polyester and soft plastic

2) Abrasion resistant, highly elastic and anti-bacterial

3) Smooth surface, waterproof, easy to clean

4) Customized colors, patterns and logos.

3.   The Application of Coated Webbing

1). Canine supplies: polyurethane dog collar, electronic collar, waterproof dog collars, waterproof dog leads, waterproof dog leashes, waterproof e-collars, reflective dog collars, fluorescent dog collar, camouflage dog collar, TPE dog collars, PVC dog collars, polyvinyl waterproof e-collar, vinyl dog collars, polyurethane dog leashes;

2). Case, Bag & Luggage Accessories: outdoor dry bag belt, backpack belt sling, backpack strap, backpack handle, waterproof bag belt, puller strap.


3). Equine products: water-repellent horse bridles, polyurethane horse headstalls, polyurethane horse halters, 

polyurethane horse reins, horse lead ropes, horse headstalls, polyurethane & polyvinyl horse breast collars;

4). Military & Fashion belt: water-repellent waist belts, fashion waist belts, men's & women's waist belts, polyurethane waist belts, Military Safety Straps, military waist belt,  Army waist belts, Army Safety strap;

5). Automotive interior accessories: car decoration straps, furniture decoration straps, suitcase decoration straps, passenger hand assist straps, city bus hand strap, city bus pull handle, train pull handle, subway hand strap, railway hand strap, MTR hand strap;

6) Safety Supplies: safety harnesses, safety belt, elastomeric polyurethane waterproof safety belts, safety strap, security strap, suspension trauma safety strap;


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