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Innovative Smell Proof Custom PVC Coated Webbing

Innovative Smell Proof Custom PVC Coated Webbing

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Product Details

Innovative Smell Proof  Custom PVC Coated Webbing

Technical Parameters:

Product TypePVC Coated Webbing
MaterialPolyester + Soft Plastic(synthetic material)
Endurance630 lbs maximum
Thermal ToleranceUp to 80°C
UsageDog collars, dog leash, dog harness, horse halter, bridles, bag handles, garments, chair belts, etc
Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)

Dimension Table:

        Webbing Size(mm)         Thickness(mm)            Packaging
             2.8~3.5mm      50 meters per roll
              30             1~2mm      50 meters per roll
              25             1~2mm      50 meters per roll
              20             1~2mm      50 meters per roll
              16             1~2mm      50 meters per roll
              10             1~2mm      50 meters per roll

Advantages of  PVC Coated Webbing:

a). Slick surface, no harm to the skin

b). Waterprood, smell proof

c). Easy to clean, good for all weather

d). Extremely strong, force tested (630lbs)

e). Safe, reflective strip can be added

f).  Customized colors, logos and patterns

g). Pattern certified

Product Details:

Reference Pictures:

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