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Welcome to Guanghai Electronic Insulation Materials Co.,Ltd .


Fireman Xu.jpg

Fireman Xu-CEO

Founder of Guanghai, who has been leading engineer team and products developing department with over 11year experience in the insulation materials field. Specialized in research and development of new products and he has courage to challenge new things. Always keeps passion and confidence for all matters. Mr. Xu devotes to offer high quality, affordable prices products to customers ensure they are satisfied with our products and service .

Yueqin Huang.jpg

Yueqin Huang-CFO

As a founder, who leads the producing department and financial department, she’s in charge of collecting prices and supervision of production, so we could offer affordable prices to customers and know the producing process on time. 

Miss He.jpg

Helen He-Accountant

Over 5years experience of financial, be good at kinds of office software and assists with Mrs. Huang, so we could get exactly prices trend of products. 

Sales Department


Sales Manager

Liangpeng Jiang 

The Sales manager of domestic trade department who has 4years experience in insulation field. Has a good skill of communication and management, concentrates on working and solving kinds of problems for customers. He’s always the top 1 sales in Guanghai .


Sales Representative

Bob Tang

Excels in negotiation skill with customers, as one of domestic trade department , he has passion and becomes a skilled salesman in a short period . 


Sales Representative

Kobe Lee

Always likes to challenge, masters quickly of communication technique with customers and made a great progress of sales in a short time on domestic trade department .

Kiwi Lee.jpg

Sales Representative

Kiwi Li 

As One of the salesmen of domestic trade department, he always keeps patient and strict with work and get a positive feedback from customers.

Young Gao.jpg

Sales Representative

Young Gao 

He is intelligent and good at communicating with customers, has many years sales experience of domestic trade .

Jennifer Huang.jpg

Sales Representative

Jennifer Huang 

Has 2 years experience of international trade, is good at B2C and B2B platforms. Though has only 1 year working experience for Business to Customers platform, she knows how to solve kinds of problems for customers and master quickly of export process. 

William Hu.jpg

Sales Manager

William Hu

With over 3 years experience in international sales and export, William is taking in charge of the international sales & export team in Guanghai. He is familiar with the whole process of international trading, including marketing, exporting, shipping and customs clearance. He is strict with himself, always wants to make things perfect.


Angela Huang.jpg

Sales Representative

Angela Huang 

Has a good skill of managing platform with 2 years experience of international trade. On the other hand, she could solve kinds of problem for customers and have full experience of how to process and deal with an order.


Sales Representative

Annie Liu 

A girl who is optimistic and positive, although the time of international trade is relatively short, she has made great progress. Have careful with work and has good skill of communication and customer service.