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2018 Asia Pet Show
- Jul 24, 2018 -

As the flagship exhibition of the pet industry in the Asia-Pacific region, the Asia Pet Show has experienced 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, and has continuously made innovations and breakthroughs. It has become a Asia-Pacific company integrating brand display, industrial chain integration and cross-regional trade. The platform for pets' comprehensive trade, in August each year, the world's high-end pet brands, innovative products and technology, pet industry leaders gathered in Shanghai, the Asia Pet Show has become a pet industry gathering that should not be missed once a year.




In 2018, it is the 21st year of the Asian Pet Show. The 21-year Asian Pet Show has been following the concept of “creating business opportunities, leading the trend, and serving the industry”. It will continue to make breakthroughs in innovation, follow the initial intentions, and adhere to the traditional trade channel. The resource advantages that are equal to the end consumers continue to boost the Chinese pet market, providing an excellent platform for pet brands to promote their own brands and broaden domestic and international trade cooperation.



Global Pet New Product Release Platform


The centralized platform for the release of new products and new technologies of major brands will show the industry the platform of choice for the market to give priority to the market. The “InnovAction Pet New Fashion” exclusive program launched by 2013 Asia Pet Show will release new products for exhibitors during the exhibition. New technologies provide promotional programs. From focusing on brand promotion to focusing on product promotion, “InnovAction Pet New Fashion” effectively transforms the attractiveness of new products into the driving force for visitors to the booth to visit “trade deals”.



End-users and traditional trade channels are equally important


Asian Pet Show's first 2B Professional Day (3 days) + 2C Consumer Day (2 days) 110,000 pet lovers' choice, communicate with a large number of accurate terminal consumers, help brands build awareness, research product education market, get terminal Win the future