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- Mar 07, 2017 -

The largest spring show“ASIA PET FAIR ”pageant will hosting during March 10th-12th, in Shenzhen China. The “ASIA PET FAIR ”normally show kind of pet products or accessories sales in domestic or abroad , Through the professional seminar and exchange pet knowledge lead the trade more sucessful . Through this fair buyer could talk with sellers face to face .Also , it will help domestic trademan get more orders and informations about pet products in time. 


Huizhou Guanghai ELectronic Insulation Material Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2009, professional the PET COATED WEBBING and a variety of INSULATION TUBE Product specifications complete and excellent quality, Market in Asia, Europe and USA.


We are going to take part in this pet convention. Hereby we sincerely invite you visit our booth No.220 for checking the quality of our brand new coated webbing and coated ropes for pet products. Custom and exclusive designs are acceptable, welcome to talk with us about your new ideas. By the way, free samples and gifts are available at our booth. Look forward to meeting you there.

Welcome To Our Booth No.220


Looking forward to meet you  If you need any help, please contact at info@gh-material.com