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Solid Colored Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube

Solid Colored Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube

dual wall heat shrink tube have waterproof ,flame resistant features .Adhesive lined hot melt glue inside ,perfect waterproof protect wrapped items

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Product Details

Solid Colored Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heat ShrinkTube

Technical Parameters

                Product Type                Dual Wall Heat shrink tube
                Material                PVC
                Flame retardant                VW-1
                Operation Temperature                -45℃-125℃
                Withstand Voltage                600V
                Length                Customized
                Shrink ratio                3:1
                Water absorption                <0.2%
                Shrinking temperature                125℃-200℃
                Usage                electronic connectors


Dual wall heat shrink tube flexible,semi-rigid,flame resistant ,provide permanent waterproof ,ideal covering for sealing and insulating cable splices ,electronic connectors ,terminations repairs and direct buried installations . 

Detailed Images


Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube Specification Table
Specification(Inch)Before Shrink Diameter (mm)After Shrink Diameter (mm)
Standard Package
Min Diameter(D)Max Diameter(d)Wall Thickness(T+t)Glue Thickness(t)Meter/RollMeter/Pcs
Φ1/8≥3.2 ≤1.000.90±0.300.40±0.20200/
Φ3/16≥4.8 ≤1.661.05±0.300.40±0.20100/
Φ1/4≥6.4 ≤2.201.25±0.300.45±0.20100/
Φ5/16≥7.9 ≤2.701.35±0.300.45±0.20100/
Φ3/8≥9.5 ≤3.201.45±0.300.50±0.2050/
Φ1/2≥12.7 ≤4.201.65±0.300.50±0.20/1.22
Φ5/8≥15.0 ≤5.201.80±0.300.55±0.30/1.22
Φ3/4≥19.1 ≤6.301.95±0.300.60±0.30/1.22
Φ1≥25.4 ≤8.502.00±0.400.60±0.30/1.22
Φ5/4≥30.0 ≤10.202.15±0.400.65±0.30/1.22
Φ3/2≥39.0 ≤13.502.45±0.400.75±0.30/1.22
Φ2≥50.0 ≤17.002.75±0.400.80±0.30/1.22
Φ5/2≥64.0 ≤21.003.05±0.401.05±0.30/1.22
Φ3≥76.0 ≤25.003.05±0.501.05±0.40/1.22
Φ7/2≥90.0 ≤30.003.10±0.501.05±0.40/1.22
Φ4≥100.0 ≤34.003.10±0.501.10±0.40/1.22


≥125.0 ≤42.00

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Company Information(Click Here)

Guanghai Electronic, founded in 2009, is one of the leading Solid Colored Adhesive Lined Dual Wall Heat Shrink Tube manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering you the customized service and the free sample for checking. Through special extrusion, this products made in China must be your best choice.
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