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X Textured Grip Decorative Shrink Wrap Sleeve Supplier

X Textured Grip Decorative Shrink Wrap Sleeve Supplier

Our materials range from the heat shrinkable(single wall, dual wall, medium wall and heavy duty), silicone, PVC, fiberglass, fluorine (PTFE, PVDF and FEP), ABS, PC, PP, PE, TPU, PU, TPE and TPR.

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Product Details

X Textured Grip Decorative Shrink Wrap Sleeve Supplier

Technical Parameters

                Product Type                Heat shrink tube
                Material                PE
                Flame retardant                VW-1
             Operation Temperature                -40℃-125℃
                Withstand Voltage                600V
                Shrink ratio                2:1
                Water absorption                <0.2%
             Shrinking temperature                75-125℃
               Usage                Low Voltage,Sport equipment, fishing tool etc
               Place of Origin            Guangdong, China (Mainland)


It is made from co-extrusion of polyvinyl and hot-melt adhesive, suitable for various electric insulation and bonding of cables and connectors, widely applied for connecting or end-handling, electric wire, corrosion-proof of metallic rods or tubes and antenna protection. 


1. Shrinks to 2:1,abrasion resistant

2. Fast, safe, secure way to wrap wiring harnesses, different lengths ,colors and diameters available


1.Eco-friendly.soft, skidproof, beautiful;

2.Shrinking fast 

Detailed Images


Non-Slip Heat Shrink Tube Specification Table
Standard Specific
Inner diameter before shrink(mm)
Inner diameter after shrink(mm)
Standard Package (meter/piece)
Inner diameterAverage thicknessMaximum inner diameterAverage thickness
Φ15mm≥150.45±0.1580.85±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ20mm≥200.50±0.15110.90±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ22mm≥220.50±0.1512.50.90±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ25mm≥250.50±0.1514.51.00±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ28mm≥280.50±0.1515.51.00±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ30mm≥300.60±0.1517.51.20±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ35mm≥350.60±0.15201.20±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ40mm≥400.60±0.15231.20±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ45mm≥450.65±0.15251.25±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ50mm≥500.65±0.15281.25±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs

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Guanghai Electronic, founded in 2009, is one of the leading X Textured Grip Decorative Shrink Wrap Sleeve Supplier manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering you the customized service and the free sample for checking. Through special extrusion, this products made in China must be your best choice.
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