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Fish Rod Grip Heat Shrink Wrap Sleeves

Fish Rod Grip Heat Shrink Wrap Sleeves

non slip x pattern heat shrink sleeve grip wrap

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Product Details

Technical Parameters

                Product Type             Heat shrink tube
Material              PE
                Flame retardant              VW-1
                Operation Temperature             -40℃-125℃
                Withstand Voltage              600V
Length             Customized
                Shrink ratio              2:1
                Water absorption              <0.2%
                Shrinking temperature              75-125℃
Usage                Low Voltage,Sport equipment, fishing tool etc
                Place of Origin          Guangdong, China (Mainland)


Shrinks to 2:1 its size over wiring, electrical splices and terminations, split and cold resistant

Perfect decorate the fishing rod racket handle

Eco-friendly.soft, slippery, beautiful;

Shrinking fast stable performance

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Non-Slip Heat Shrink Tube Specification Table
Standard Specific
Inner diameter before shrink(mm)
Inner diameter after shrink(mm)
Standard Package (meter/piece)
Inner diameterAverage thicknessMaximum inner diameterAverage thickness
Φ15mm≥150.45±0.1580.85±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ20mm≥200.50±0.15110.90±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ22mm≥220.50±0.1512.50.90±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ25mm≥250.50±0.1514.51.00±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ28mm≥280.50±0.1515.51.00±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ30mm≥300.60±0.1517.51.20±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ35mm≥350.60±0.15201.20±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ40mm≥400.60±0.15231.20±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ45mm≥450.65±0.15251.25±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs
Φ50mm≥500.65±0.15281.25±0.151m/pcs   1.6m/pcs

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