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105°C PVC Tubing Wire For Insulate Harness

105°C PVC Tubing Wire For Insulate Harness

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Product Details

105°C PVC Tubing Wire for Insulate Harness

Product TypePVC tube
Flame retardantVW-1
Operation Temperature-35℃-75℃
Withstand Voltage600V
Specification1~40 mm diameter
CertificateRoHS, REACH, UL
Working pressure(at room temperature)2~2.5Pa
FeatureLight, Durable, Flexible, Soft, UV-resistance etc
Usageelectronic insulation, wire harness, cable protection
Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)

Insulate PVC Tubing Introduction and Features:

General PVC tubes are mainly used to electronic insulation and wire / cable protection, mainly used in electronic, medical, communications, agriculture, fishery, and lighting

etc. It has good acid, corrosion-resistant and fire retardant property.

Smooth, flexible, protection tubing, insulation, light weight and tear-resistant

Colourful, clear, round, stable, sustainable and eco-friendly

Detailed Images

UL PVC wire tube sleeving black color-1.jpg

Black Color PVC Tube

UL PVC wire tube sleeving black color-3.jpg

Black Color PVC Tube

UL PVC wire tube sleeving black color-2.jpg

Black Color PVC Tube

UL PVC wire tube sleeving black color-4.jpg

Black Color PVC Tube


1. Automobile / motorcycle wire harness

2. Household applicances wire harness

3. Earphone wire sleeving tube

4. Electronic products insulation tube

Wire Harness:

Wire Harness.png

General Grade PVC Tube Common Specification Chart
ID (mm)
Thickness (mm)
OD (mm)
PVC TUBEBlackΦ1.5±0.10.35±0.05Φ2.2±0.1PVC500M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ2.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ3.0±0.1PVC305M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ2.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ3.5±0.1PVC305M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ3.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ4.0±0.1PVC305M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ3.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ4.5±0.1PVC305M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ4.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ5.0±0.1PVC305M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ4.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ5.5±0.1PVC305M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ5.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ6.0±0.15PVC200M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ5.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ6.5±0.15PVC200M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ6.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ7.0±0.15PVC200M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ6.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ7.5±0.2PVC200M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ7.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ8.0±0.2PVC200M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ7.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ8.5±0.2PVC200M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ8.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ9.0±0.2PVC100M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ8.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ9.5±0.2PVC100M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ9.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ10.0±0.2PVC100M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ9.5±0.10.50±0.05Φ10.5±0.2PVC100M/ROLL
PVC TUBEBlackΦ10.0±0.10.50±0.05Φ11.0±0.2PVC100M/ROLL

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Guanghai Electronic, founded in 2009, is one of the leading 105°c pvc tubing wire for insulate harness manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering you the customized service and the free sample for checking. Through special extrusion, this products made in China must be your best choice.
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