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Waterproof Custom PVC Coated Webbing Tape

Waterproof Custom PVC Coated Webbing Tape

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Product Details

                        Waterproof Custom PVC Coated Webbing Tape


Material:   Polyester + soft plastic(synthetic material)

Technique: Coated

Width:   0.4-2inch(can be customized)

Length:  Customized as per requirements

Thickness: 1.0-3.5mm (can be customized)

Color:   Customized

Strength:  up to 920lbs


1.  User-friendly, no harms to the pets or owners

2.  Slick  surface and edges, reducing friction

3.  Water proof, anti-stain, odor-free

4.  Customized color, logo and pattern.

5.  Cheaper than leather and other conventional materials

6.  Patent certified

防水.jpg      脏对比.jpg

                              Water proof test                                                                            Stain resitant test


1.  Handle of the Bags: packpacks bags,first aids kits,sport bags,cooler bags ect)

2.  Pet products: waterproof tpu dog collar&leash,waterproof e-collar)

3.  Sporting goods:  Shoulder pads, Helmet Chin straps, Mountain climbing gaiters

4.  Horse racing products: hose headstall,horse bridle,horse halter and other race saddlery products)

5.  Safety equipments: safety harmess,safety belts)

6.  Medical:  patient restraints, including patient physical restraints, cleanable gait belts, EZ clean gait belt

7.  Equine: waterproof horse bridles, horse headstall, horse halters, horse reins, horse headstalls and 

     other race saddlery products.





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Guanghai Electronic, founded in 2009, is one of the leading waterproof custom pvc coated webbing tape manufacturers and suppliers in China, offering you the customized service and the free sample for checking. Through special extrusion, this products made in China must be your best choice.
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